This roadmap is intended to provide an idea of what we have planned for Doge Token. They may or may not be carried out or achieved in Chronological order.

DOGET has big plans for the rest of 2020. . The journey is just getting started.

Marketing contest and campaign

1. Marketing contest and campaign for Twitter and other social media platforms will be done.

2. Doge Token Promo video will be professionally created.

3. Increase presense and penetration of mainstream media through both advertising and public relations.

Marketing Panel

Special marketing panel will be created for promoting Doge Token. Promoters will be paid in Doge Token.


Listing on atleast 2 more exchanges will be done in the year 2020.

Coin Directories

Coin Directories and price tracking websites give more exposure.

Wallet Integration

Doge Token will be integrated with top wallets so that you are able to send and receive DOGET tokens easier than ever,


Doge Token team has already achieved following milestones.

Early 2019

1. Making of Doge Token website.

2. Prepartion of Doge Token.

3. Listing on a decentralized exchange.

Mid 2019

1. Listing on CoinMarketCap.

2. Airdrop on DogeCoin holders.

3. Listing on cryptocurrency exchange.

Late 2019

Christmas airdrop for Stellar Lumen holders.